Motivating the Staff

We always hear the saying that A Business Is Only As Good As Its People. Well It’s so true in our clinics, hospitals and/or facilities. Not only do we need to make sure we hire the right staff, but we also need to ensure that we provide them with the right tools and resources to keep them engaged in their work.

We all know how tricky this can sometimes be. So how can we boost motivation for our amazing staff when things appear to be headed in the wrong direction? Lets look at the following strategies that can be used to increase employee engagement and motivation

Show Your Appreciation 

Showing your appreciation can be as simple as giving a gift card as recognition; celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and outside-of-work accomplishments; or go public with appreciation by featuring them on your social media account.

Giving Feedback & Addressing Opportunities

Feedback should always be a 2-way street. So ensure you give both positive and negative feedback, because believe it or not, that improves individual performance. It should be constructive and engaging, as well as timely and specific because it provides direction and encourages the completion of goals and objectives.

Sitting down with feedback is also a great time to discuss future opportunities within a role, which will definitely perk up motivation. Use positive feedback as a way to engage an employee on how they can further their career, use negative feedback on ways they can improve to accomplish those career goals that they have. A win-win!

Roster/Schedule Changes

If you’re in a situation where you might be thinking about a rotating roster or schedule changes, it’s a great way to think outside the 9-to-5 box which can be a very effective way to boost productivity and motivation.

If you’re not able do that, consider providing your staff with more flexibility and shift equality. Workplace flexibility helps with staff morale, minimizes turnover and sees reduced absences.

Team events are also a great way to build up the team together, while still showing everyone appreciation. A team lunch, or even after work for happy hour, mini golf or another event where everyone can enjoy some time together outside of the office environment.

Value Their Ideas

Sometimes the smallest things go the farthest. Many employees want to fee that they are seen as a valued employee to an organization. When they have ideas or input during meetings, ensure that you are listening. Allow everyone the chance to provide feedback and ensure they feel comfortable enough to make suggestions. Just knowing you are interested in what they have to say will go so far in terms of increasing their motivation and participation on a daily basis.

These are the basic principals and there is always more that can be done!